Summer Monarchs

Monarchs—A watercolor of monarch butterflies painted by Jane Casnellie inspired a community fundraiser by the Linden Garden Club of Pinewild to benefit the Native Pollinator Garden at The Arboretum, Pinehurst. Shown (left to right) are Beth Stevens, president, Village Heritage Foundation, who received the club’s ... Read More

Pollinator Preparation

POLLINATOR PREPARATION — Members of the Linden Garden Club of Pinewild — Ellen Burke (left) , Karen Herring, Janet Farrell, Jackie Churchbourne, Pat Rackowski, Bunny Cross and Claudia Watson — grabbed their gloves, rakes and clippers as they enjoyed Spring Cleaning Day at the Native Pollinator ... Read More

Four Village Landmarks Honored

From left, Lisa Hammond, Lorelei and Paul Milan, the Village Chapel's Rev. Dr. John Jacobs, and Ann and Russell McAllister at the Village Heritage Foundation's Nov. 12 Historic Plaque Awards at the Pinehurst Arboretum. Courtesy Village Heritage Foundation Mary Kate Murphy, Staff Writer Each year, ... Read More

Native Pollinator Garden – Haven for Monarch Enthusiasts

Jody Young (left), Sandy Garrett and Janet Farrell of Linden Garden Club of Pinewild, prepare to release a monarch butterfly after affixing a tiny tracking tag to its wing. By Claudia Watson Special to The Pilot Oct 1, 2020 Today, several friends from the Linden ... Read More

Rich Learning Experience: Arboretum’s Native Pollinator Garden

The golden-yellow flowers of Lanceleaf Coreopsis create a fantastic display at the Pollinator Garden in the Village Arboretum in Pinehurst. TED FITZGERALD/The PilotBy Claudia Watson Special to The Pilot 6/16/2020 The brilliantly colored Native Pollinator Garden at the Village Arboretum in Pinehurst is a bevy ... Read More

New Slate of Historic Village Properties Honored

Ned Franke, vice president of the Village Heritage Foundation (back left) is with the owners of the properties that received the awards during the ceremony at the Fair Barn.Courtesy of Village Heritage Foundation The Village Heritage Foundation has added another six properties to its “hall ... Read More

Pollinator Garden Installation

Lynda Acker, Claudia Watson                The installation of the Village Heritage Foundation's Native Pollinator Garden at the Village Arboretum in Pinehurst was completed on May 15. The garden showcases a variety of native plants and grasses that attract pollinators. ... Read More

New Garden Magic: Native Pollinator Garden Opens at Arboretum

by Claudia Watson Special to The Pilot June 3, 2019... It was the wayward flight of a determined monarch butterfly that has offered enchantment to the recent installation of the Native Pollinator Garden at the Village Arboretum in Pinehurst. Just days before the garden’s installation, ... Read More

Village Arboretum adds Native Pollinator Garden

By Claudia Watson… It’s been nearly 20 years since Beth Stevens first walked the land with her mother. It was littered with trash, auto scrap and broken china. Stevens waves her hand and turns to look up the hill. “This was the village landfill,” she … Read More