Pollinator Garden Installation

Lynda Acker, Claudia Watson                The installation of the Village Heritage Foundation’s Native Pollinator Garden at the Village Arboretum in Pinehurst was completed on May 15. The garden showcases a variety of native plants and grasses that attract pollinators. … Read More

New Garden Magic: Native Pollinator Garden Opens at Arboretum

by Claudia Watson Special to The Pilot June 3, 2019… It was the wayward flight of a determined monarch butterfly that has offered enchantment to the recent installation of the Native Pollinator Garden at the Village Arboretum in Pinehurst. Just days before the garden’s installation, … Read More

Village Arboretum adds Native Pollinator Garden

By Claudia Watson… It’s been nearly 20 years since Beth Stevens first walked the land with her mother. It was littered with trash, auto scrap and broken china. Stevens waves her hand and turns to look up the hill. “This was the village landfill,” she … Read More