Pollinator Garden Installation

Lynda Acker, Claudia Watson               

The installation of the Village Heritage Foundation’s Native Pollinator Garden at the Village Arboretum in Pinehurst was completed on May 15. The garden showcases a variety of native plants and grasses that attract pollinators.

During March and April, members of area garden clubs joined to transplant nearly 8,000 seedlings, many destined for the garden. Pinehurst Resort offered the use of their greenhouse space to grow the plants in an area protected from chemicals and pesticides.

In May, the organization sold the plants not used for the garden installation to the public.

For more information about the Native Pollinator Garden or the Village Heritage Foundation, visit https://villageheritagefoundation.org

Photos contributed by Claudia Watson and Beth Stevens

Jeanne DeParis, Cathy DiDonato, Sandy Garratt, Cathy Brady, Virginia Fenton
Sue Huston is a Dirt Gardener with Weymouth and an EMGV.
Bill and Ellen Stewart look over some of the plants for the garden.