Foundation Awards 3 Historic Plaques

Left to right:  Laura Byers, Page Klumpar, David Klumpar, Lisa Hammond, Ned Franke, Mallory Hickey, Jill Gooding, Lorelei Milan

Contributed to The Pilot

The Village Heritage Foundation hosted the seventh annual awards reception presenting the Pinehurst Historic Plaque to three homes in the Village of Pinehurst.  This makes 32 properties that have been recognized with historic plaques.  

The mission of the Historic Plaque Program is to encourage the recognition, preservation and restoration of the historic buildings of Pinehurst, to encourage the recording of Pinehurst’s unique history, and to make that history accessible to the residents of, and visitors to, Pinehurst.  

This year’s recipients are Retreat Cottage, Blackjack Cottage and Ideal House.  The Retreat Cottage is one of the original 30 cottages built by the Turfts family in 1895.  Blackjack Cottage was built in 1923 and is named for the stately Blackjack Oaks that surround it.  The Ideal House was built in 1925 and was the result of extensive collaborative efforts between Richard Tufts and architect Aymar Embury II to design and build their vision of an “ideal” Pinehurst home.  For more information on the Pinehurst Historic Plaques, visit